Conner Coffin

Conner Coffin is an accomplished and stylish competitive surfer from Santa Barbara, California and is currently competing on the World Surf League’s World Championship Tour, surfing against the likes of Kelly Slater, John John Florence & Gabriel Medina.

Coffin spends the majority of his days in the water, competing, training for events or just freesurfing. He knows the importance of effective and comfortable earplugs in order to prevent painful and common issues like surfers ear. Coffin comes from a long line of surfers, some of which have experienced ear troubles, something Conner is preventing by partnering with SurfEars 3.0. “I’ve been wearing ear plugs for the last several years when I surf. My uncle, dad and brother have all had surfers ear surgery and I’m doing my best to prevent it!” - Conner Coffin, WCT Surfer

Oliver English

"I spend almost every day of my life on the river, whether it's kayaking or rafting! When floating down rapids or off big waterfalls, you often take some pretty big hits that push water down into the deepest parts of your ears. The rivers are super cold, frequently running out of glaciers or warm and full of bacteria, which is a recipe for disaster. I have been kayaking for 8 years and have relied on Surf Ears to keep my ears protected since the very beginning. A crucial part of kayaking is being able to hear what's going on around you on the river, to have a set of ear plugs that don't compromise your hearing makes all of the difference!"

Sam Wild

Sam Wild is a founder of Mahi Spearfishing New Zealand, a commercial diver, underwater cameraman, spear fisherman, surfer, has featured on the South Seas Spearo TV show and has a BSc in Marine Biology & Ecology.

“As a surfer, commercial diver, underwater cameraman, spear fisherman and all round ocean enthusiast I spend as much time in the water as I do above it. A lot of my work is travel based, both here and abroad, so I am exposed to many different conditions and elements. If I don’t look after my ears, I would have to hang up my fins for good so looking after myself is essential.

SurfEars allows me to do what I love and allows me to work with the peace of mind that my ears are going to be protected from the elements and stresses caused by diving, all while having no impact on my diving at all” – Sam Wild, Commercial Diver, Underwater Cameraman, Spear Fisherman & Surfer.

Tom Carroll

With a phenomenal competitive career, back to back word titles in 1983 and 1984 and a total of 26 wins on the world tour, including three Pipemaster’s titles in 87, 90, and 91 (where he made that revolutionary snap). Tom Carroll is a true legend of the sport. These days Tom pushes his own lofty limits surfing large waves of consequence with his friend and fellow legendary pro surfer Ross Clarke Jones in their Discovery Channel series, Storm Surfers.

“Finally after a long painful period of avoidance, my left ear was surgically cleared of exostosis (surfer’s ear), SurfEars couldn’t have come at a better time in my life, Thank You SurfEars!” Tom Carroll, 2X WCT Champion & Big Wave Legend

Tyler Warren

Whether he’s surfing, shaping boards or painting, Tyler does it with style and grace. He draws different lines in all of his pursuits with a touch of retro flair. As mellow as he is talented, Tyler’s surfing is easy on the eyes regardless of which craft he’s riding.

“I love them, I have tried just about every plug and these are light, easy to use, always stay in and you can still hear!” – Tyler Warren, Professional Freesurfer, Surfboard Shaper & Artist   

Richard Hodder

“ Every day I find myself in the water, quite often sitting in the impact zone with my camera with wave upon wave on my head. I can’t imagine it now without my SurfEars - they protect me from the elements every time I get in the ocean and are part of my kit on any surf adventure. Easy to use and like no other ear plugs I’ve tried - they stay in, keep your ears dry and allow you to hear everything around you. #Dreamy. ” - Richard Hodder, Photographer

Benjamin Zyons

Benjamin Zyons is a freediver, spearfisher and big wave surfer from Maui, Hawaii. He owns & operates Freedive Hawaii & is a 3X USA Freediving Champion who regularly dives deeper than 100 meters.

“Making a living as Spearfishing Guide, Freediving Instructor, and Surfer I spend about as much time in the water as I do on land. For years I’ve battled with “exostosis”. Better known as “Surfers Ear”, it affects a large percentage of the ocean-going population. I’ve spent a lot of money on ear plugs that have left me unable to hear or fell out. Also, none of these plugs allowed me to equalize while freediving or spearfishing. SurfEars 3.0 actually make equalizing your ears even easier! Plus they are comfortable & let sound in.” - Benjamin Zyons, Professional Freediver, Spearfisher & Big Wave Surfer.

Helena Bourdillon

Helena Bourdillon is a competitive freediver with big passion for the sport. She finished fifth place overall at the AIDA Individual Depth World Championships despite an injured shoulder.

“Freediving in water where bacteria is invisibly thriving, it manages to get into my ear canal and voilà, ear infection! Before SurfEars, I was using antibiotic ear drops about 3/4 days a week to try to keep the issue at bay which isn’t ideal. Since I started using SurfEars three years ago, that has dropped to perhaps 1 once month. I can still equalise my ears & because they let sound in, I can actually hear the count down to the start of my competition dives even when I’ve got my wetsuit hood on.” - Helena Bourdillon, International Competitive Freediver.

Leroy Rust

" I'm so relieved to have a set of ear plugs that I can rely on. Not only can i trust them to keep my ears dry, but they are also adaptable, comfortable, easy to clean, and easy to manage. Without a doubt, the most surprising thing is how well I can hear through them! Having spent the last 8 years surfing deaf due to other plugs, I can adamantly say that sound is now a luxury nobody should have to give up. SurfEars are the way forward. " - Leroy Rust, New Zealand Big Wave Surfer

Paige Hareb

Paige is New Zealand surfing royalty. In 2009 she became the first kiwi woman to make the WSL’s World Championship Tour and continues to compete in WCT and WQS events. She has had a massive competitive career which includes multiple New Zealand national titles and four podium finishes in WSL events.

"I’m stubborn and never thought I’d actually get ‘surfers ear’ and hate the feeling of having stuff in my ears that made me not hear anything apart from my own breathe! I love how SurfEars stay in your ears without having to worry about them falling out and I can still hear people when talking to them! I can concentrate on my friends and surfing again instead of my silly blocked ears haha thanks SurfEars! The Best." - Paige Hareb, Professional Surfer

Fletcher Melville

"My name is Fletcher Melville, I'm 8 years old. I live in Aramoana Dunedin and go to Port Chalmers School. I started surfing when I was 5 years old, with the help of my Dad. Some of my favourite Surf spots are The Spit, Murderers and my best session ever was at Serlong Belenak on Lombok island. I have two boards I like to ride, a Quarry Beach 5.0 and my other board is an Option plus 5.7 I like to surf most days after school and if there  are no waves I like to go diving." Fletcher Melville, Supergrom & JUNIOR Ambassador