SurfEars will protect your ears from damage caused by water, cold air, dirt and bacteria without reducing hearing or balance.

Proven Performance

Independent tests show that SurfEars 3.0 have far superior performance compared to all other ear plugs. SurfEars 3.0 have almost zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech while the closest competitor cuts away about 20-30dB. To put this into context, 30dB is approximately the difference between the loudest and lowest volume setting on your smartphone. That’s a massive difference!

How It Works

Core With Acoustic Mesh:  Our SurfEars 3.0 core has been designed to increase acoustic performance. The core is sealed with a hydrophobic coated mesh. This acoustic mesh stops water and wind from entering your ears yet still lets sound in. The tube of the core angle both forward and slightly upwards, creating a more ergonomic and natural fit in your ear, creating an earplug so comfortable it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing them.

Fixation Wing:  Keep your plugs in place and come in two interchangeable sizes for the perfect custom fit. The wings are shaped and curved both forward and inward to reduce point load, ensuring a more comfortable and secure fit. We’ve made the wings from a super soft yet durable silicone which improves comfort further and allows you to wear your plugs for much longer.

Adjustable Ear Tip:  SurfEars 3.0 lets you adjust how far into your ear canal the sealing gels will go, increasing the product’s customizability. We know this is much appreciated by customers who already have surfers ear (bone growth) or ear surgery, preventing them from using traditional ear plugs that usually sit much deeper in the ear canal.

Sealing Gel:  Seals the ear canal from wind and water in a secure yet comfortable way. They come in four sizes so you can custom fit SurfEars 3.0 to perfectly match your own ears. The silicone tips have been engineered to achieve a better seal while also creating greater comfort. They are softer and thinner than any other earplug so they can conform to your ears individual shape more easily ensuring no water gets in.

Optional Leash:  Eliminate the risk of losing your SurfEars 3.0 plugs by securing them to your person. Made from silky soft silicone, you won’t even notice the leash while surfing. It’s quick and easy to detach the leash if you’re wearing a neoprene hood over your plugs.

Colour Coding:  Each plug is colour coded, Teal for your right and Red for your left (think of port and starboard). This colour coding system is fool-proof, so you’ll never get your left or right plugs mixed up again.

SurfEars 3.0
SurfEars 3.0
SurfEars 3.0
SurfEars 3.0

SurfEars 3.0

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Meet Connor Coffin

We’re stoked to have Conner Coffin as a global SurfEars 3.0 ambassador. Here’s what Conner has to say about us:

“Surfer’s Ear has been a theme in my family for quite a few years and I’m about 90 percent closed on my right ear. I’ve tried tons of ear plugs over the years, but SurfEars fit better and are more comfortable than any other ear plugs I’ve ever used.” 

What Is Exostosis?

Surfer’s ear is extra bone which forms as lumps that grow in the ear canal. This is caused by exposure to cold water and wind, especially the combination of the two as the wind creates a chill factor when your ears are already wet. This extra bone growth, also called exostosis is believed to be the body’s natural defence mechanism to protect the ear drum from harsh environments. The problem is that the exostosis doesn’t go away afterwards, instead it continues to grow (causing painful ear infections & hearing loss).

As surfers we are constantly exposed to windy and wet conditions and that’s why this condition is so common among surfers. Hence the name; surfer’s ear. The speed of the bone growth will increase with lower temperature and more frequent exposure. However, how bad it gets can vary from person to person as some seem to be more prone to develop exostosis than others.

What Is Otitis Externa?

Swimmer’s ear (in medical terms also known as otitis externa) is a painful condition where the skin in the ear canal becomes infected. Swimmer’s ear commonly occurs when water gets stuck in the outer ear canal. It is a common condition among swimmers and water active people, such as surfers. 

Anyone can be exposed to developing Swimmer’s ear, even those who are not fully immersed in water, but having even just a slight amount of water in your ear can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to cause inflammation, irritation, and infection. The reason for this is when water gets stuck in the ear, bacteria that normally sits in the ear canal can get beneath the surface of the skin causing Swimmer’s ear.

Smaller Size, All The Benefits.

JUNIOR is an ear plug developed for children, keeping their ears safe while being able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water.

Why Ear Plugs For Kids?

As many as four out of ten kids suffer from pain or discomfort in their ears during water activities. Even worse, significant problems like recurring ear inflammations (otitis externa), surfer’s ear (exostosis) and potential hearing loss, could be just a few years away. JUNIOR ear plugs help eliminate exposure to water in the ear canal, thereby reducing the risk of future ear health problems.

“My advice to young surfers and swimmers – wear ear plugs! Multiple ear infections and exostosis in both ears forced me to go through two terrible operations to drill out my ear canals. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone!” – Tom Carroll, 2X WSL World Champion and SurfEars Ambassador.