The Harsh Reality Of Surfers Ear (Exostosis).

The Harsh Reality Of Surfers Ear (Exostosis).

The Harsh Reality Of Surfers Ear (Exostosis).

Former New Zealand Surfing rep JC Susan shares his personal experience with Surfer's Ear:

“I have been surfing for 12 years and battling with ear infections for roughly the last 5 years. The ear infections would come and go on a regular basis and keep me out of the water for periods of time and wide awake at night.

This photo was taken a couple of hours after surgery

I started surfing when I was 12 years old and acoustic earplugs were just a dream having tried most plugs that were available at the time. The only option was Blu-Tack which blocked out water and sound. Blu-Tack was not a good option as you would isolate yourself from any conversation in the water & it made it impossible to have any timing or balance when surfing, which took the fun out of it.

The bones that were removed from my ear canal (exostosis)

In 2013 I started going to the ENT department at the hospital to get my ears assessed and find out what my options were, stronger drugs or surgery...  Finally 3 years later and a lot of ear infections and time out of the water I had my exostosis (surfers ear) surgically removed in September 2016. After 2 month recovery I’m finally back in the water. Unfortunately I have to go through this whole process again to get my other ear cleared out. Frothing…”

2 weeks after surgery the, scars in my ears were still bleeding.