SurfEars Are Great For Spearfishing

SurfEars Are Great For Spearfishing

SurfEars Are Great For Spearfishing

Benjamin Zyons, freediver, spearfisher and big wave surfer from Maui, suffered from exostosis. When he started wearing SurfEars it was a big relief, and they worked just as well for diving as for surfing. This is his experience with his own words. (Originally posted on

Whether I’m freediving hundreds of feet, spearfishing for dinner, or surfing massive walls of water I’ve always been a firm believer that the best piece of equipment is yourself. With a healthy body and a strong mind you can accomplish anything! Making a living as Spearfishing Guide, Freediving Instructor, and Surfer I spend about as much time in the water (and below it) as I do on land. But as much as I like getting wet, I don’t love staying wet!

Benjamin Surfing Pe’ahi aka Jaws.

For several years I’ve battled an ear condition known as “exostosis”. This condition is caused when the ear canal is exposed to water and air over long periods of time and ultimately causes the ear canal to become narrowed thus trapping water in the inner ear. This condition, more commonly referred to as “Surfers Ear”, affects a large percentage of the ocean-going population. Like most people, I scoured the internet for solutions and tried everything from hydrogen peroxide mixed with vinegar and alcohol, to ear candles, and even spent a good deal of money on ear plugs that either left me unable to hear or eventually fell out and were lost. Also, none of these plugs allowed me to equalize while freediving or spearfishing. This condition kept me out of the water on countless occasions and was driving me crazy! If you’re anything like me you probably don’t like missing a dive day, surf session, smelling like vinegar, or making repeated trips to the doctor. Well now you don’t have to!

No more home remedies for Benjamin.

SurfEars is a revolutionary new ear plug designed by a team of professional product designers, engineers, dedicated surfers, and watermen with more than 20 years of experience. The result is an unparalleled design which allows you to hold a normal conversation while wearing your SurfEars plugs and they’re also comfortable enough that you can keep them in your ears for hours without even thinking about it. And best of all for divers, SurfEars actually make equalizing your ears even easier! Freedive Hawaii recommends SurfEars for surfers or for anyone interested in protecting their ears while freediving, spearfishing, scuba-diving, or participating in any in-water activity -above or below!

10lb Uku or Grey Snapper taken while spearfishing off a remote part of Lana’i during a Freedive Hawaii Bluewater Dive Trip while wearing SurfEars.