Gear Review Of SurfEars 3.0 For Diving Gear Review Of SurfEars 3.0 For Diving Gear Review Of SurfEars 3.0 For Diving

Here’s a fantastic SurfEars 3.0 ear plugs for diving review by Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown, professional dive photographers and owners/operators Frogfish Photography. The full interview can be found at, a dive media site with a heavy focus on community.  

"Back in 2019 I was at a really low ebb. I had just been told that I could not dive anymore due to recurrent ear infections causing perforations that eventually would lead to permanent damage. I got home from the hospital, slumped on the sofa, and the phone rang. It was Steve Warren from INON UK and I told him my woes. Don’t give up yet, he told me, I think I have just the people to help – SurfEars.

I tried to argue that wearing ear plugs whilst diving was not safe. What about equalization? But he stopped me in my tracks and said that these would work, he had tried them already on several dives. Could this be the answer that would save my diving career and allow me to continue my passion? Well the short answer is yes!

However, I am not sure that I stressed enough at the time that these earplugs saved me. They allowed me to dive, swim and snorkel in the ocean, and I have not had an ear infection since.

Recently the team at SurfEars sent me the latest design – SurfEars 3.0 – to try out. The earplugs come in a really handy pod that I clip to my BCD so that I do not forget them. They come with a range of plug sizes so you can customise them for a perfect fit. The ‘wing’ tucks into your ear, holding the earplug securely, so you feel they will be secure even when rolling or striding off the boat into the water. You can even use them even when putting on a hood in cold water.

The SurfEars allow you to still be able to hear clearly, as they allow air and sound to travel through, and just prevent water ingress, so safety in hearing instructions from the boat or your buddy is not compromised.

I find that wearing them has not only completely stopped any ear infections, but also makes equalization easier too. They are so comfortable that I never really notice that they are in.

If you suffer from ear infections from diving, then do give these a try. They are the first thing on my packing list now!"

We’d like to give Nick, Caroline and the Scubaverse team a massive thanks for testing SurfEars 3.0 while diving and for their honest opinions about how well they went. If you are looking for ear plugs for diving, SurfEars 3.0 will work! If you still have any questions regarding SurfEars 3.0 for diving, please feel free to reach out here.